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Who We Are

Who We Are

Transcendent Investment Management is a diversified private equity firm with over $500 million in assets under management concentrated in real estate, aviation and health care.

Transcendent’s first operating business was formed in 2005 to acquire distressed United States real estate assets in bulk quantities; aggressively purchasing non-performing and re‑performing residential loans from banks, financial institutions and U.S. governmental agencies at historically low-price-points for renovation and disposition; resulting in high-yields, neighborhood rehabilitation and job creation across the United States.

Transcendent Investment Management, as it is currently structured, was established in 2008 to lay the foundation for its proprietary, data-driven Build US Back® real estate investment platform; eventually expanding its in-house capabilities to include realty, title, construction, property management, credit and more. Today, our vertically-integrated Build US Back® operating engine is used to research, select, acquire, renovate, rent and opportunistically resell properties for both short-term gains and long-term growth.

To date, Transcendent has transacted on more than $1.7 billion in real estate assets and has extended its business lines into Aviation and Healthcare.

Our History

2000 - 2004

  • Jordan Kavana, Founder & CEO travels to Hong Kong and forms KGI Consumer Products, a diversified high-tech toy company.
  • KGI gains global trajectory: selling into several leading retailers such as Toys "R" Us, Walmart and BestBuy; and licensing well-known brands like Spider Man and Strawberry Shortcake.
  • With over 40 innovative products created from original conception, resulting in global patents and Toy of the Year awards, Jordan sells KGI to position for real estate deals.

2004 - 2008

  • Jordan Kavana launches JL Real Ventures , a private equity investment vehicle that assembled a portfolio of multi-family properties in Florida, Mississippi & Alabama.
  • In 2005 Hurricane Katrina ravages the Mississippi Coast, prompting the Federal Government to enact the GO Zone Act, resulting in favorable tax relief legislation to rebuild & stimulate investing and business development in the areas hit hardest and allowing for a Bonus Depreciation for JL Real Ventures' assets.
  • The Build US Back® platform begins to develop: introducing technology, process and analytics to the Single-Family Residential real estate market space as an asset class.


  • Jordan Kavana, Founder & CEO, hits the fundraising circuit to share his vision of deploying a data-driven investment strategy to institutionalize a Single-Family Residential investment model that would offer investors access to a portfolio of low-price-point/high-yield distressed residential properties.
  • With little over $75 Million in commitments from existing and new investors, Transcendent Investment Fund I is formed, becoming one of the first pioneers of a newly created asset class in the Single-Family Residential Real Estate Owned (REO)-to-rent market.

2008 - 2011

  • Transcendent expands its portfolio: purchasing, renovating and reselling over 2,500 properties nationally in markets like California, Arizona, Nevada and across the Southeastern United States.
  • Jordan Kavana, Founder & CEO forms Build US Back®, deploying his vision for a proprietary, data-driven real estate investment strategy to buy low-price-point/high-yield assets for short-term hold, while developing a proprietary ERP solution - TIAS ResiPro™
  • Build US Back® becomes vertically-integrated: adding Build US Back Realty®, Build US Back Construction® and Build US Back Title® companies to collectively research, select, acquire, renovate, rent and resell properties in-house.
  • Driven by the highly-analytical Build US Back® operating platform engine, Transcendent Investment Management realizes net returns in excess of 30%*.

* returns calculated based on No-growth Value (NGV)

2011 - 2014

  • Driven by the Build US Back® proprietary platform engine, Transcendent Investment Management enters a period of capital deployment to execute CEO’s vision of adding income-producing value through Rental Based Development.
  • Transcendent Investment Management gains a stronghold in the Single Family Residential space, an emerging new asset class: further honing its data-driven acquisition platform, establishing corporate infrastructure and building consistent relationships with third-party-management and national home builders; resulting in unsurpassed market advantage, agility and deal access within the Build US Back® line of companies.

2014 - Present

  • Harvard Business School releases an independent case study of the Build US Back® proprietary real estate investment platform: Build U.S. Back: Opportunities in the U.S. housing market.
  • Partners join the team from: the United States, Mexico, Ecuador, Colombia, Venezuela, Uruguay, Argentina and Hong Kong; gaining immediate market advantage, agility and deal access in joining Transcendent’s established operating infrastructure and global real estate investment ecosystem.
  • Jordan Kavana is confirmed for inclusion into Latin Trade's TOP 100 Most Powerful Businesspeople ranking for 2017.

Our Companies

Our vertically-integrated Build US Back® operating platform is the backbone of our proprietary and highly efficient analytical process used to research, select, acquire, renovate, rent and opportunistically resell properties in-house.
As we move forward into the 21st century Transcendent Investment Management is intent on redefining the rental home space through its CleanLiving CommunitiesTM concept; creating homes and communities which not only provide shelter close to the places where people work, play and live their lives, but to actively nurture and improves the lives of our residents, providing them with the opportunities for health and well-being by way of the very community and home in which they live.
The Real Estate Family Office™ is a collaboration of a few families, who combined their multi-generational global real estate investment experience to form a specialized advisory and services solution platform, covering all asset classes.
Aviator Capital Management, LLC is a privately held alternative investment manager formed by the principals of AirTrust Capital Corp. (“AirTrust”), a global commercial aircraft leasing company founded in 1999.
Personomics is a digital health and wellness platform designed to provide individually-tailored health, diet, beauty and lifestyle solutions.
Trendline Investors is a private investment vehicle launched in 2014 to invest in digital health products and services companies; vegan food products and services; and Personomics, a digital health and wellness platform.